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ASRock 939 Dual SATA2

Mother Board


Page 2 Installation & Appearance




     Installation of a diverse motherboard like this can be a bit confusing but remember in this situation you do not need to use everything they provide. in fact you can't. The basics are pretty much standard mount the motherboard to the case hook up the power and case switches/lights. Actually this install was pretty easy . the only hard part was deciding what video type to use first, PCI-e or AGP.. Both are pretty simple to install just pop the appropriate card in the appropriate slot and away you go.... The next part is drive hook up you have a few choices here as well the use of IDE or SATA or SATA2 all worked well just plug in make sure the jumpers are set right and that's it, Oh almost forgot, allot of people overlook this but ASRock did mention it so I will to if using IDE CD and hard drive for optimal performance use the main hard drive with IDE one and the CD/DVD hook up to IDE 2 this is purely for performance and stability but you can hook both up to the same cable it is not mandatory...



     The second portion of the installation deals with RAID setup. ASRock provides very well designed RAID setup that is not exactly explained well but luckily I have done so many of these it is pretty easy to explain. First using the CD provided boot to the CD and you will be prompted to create a floppy disk. There is instructions on the screen next boot and when you se the RAID prompt hit ctrl-A create a new RAID either 0 or 1 depending on if you want performance or security. I chose security at this time. After that is complete reboot using a Windows CD during the initial Blue screen boot process the bottom text will ask if you want to load a RAID device then hit F6 do so and continue the install a few minutes later you will be prompted to insert the disk and hit S to specify the RAID controller. Select the RAID controller loaded from the floppy and complete the OS install its that easy Bellow are a few photos of some of the screens you will see during this process.. All in all this RAID setup is pretty standard and the Floppy creation is one of the best and easiest to understand I have seen. The documentation is a bit light but if you are making a RAID generally you have done some homework or had prior experience.



     One of the cool parts about this board is its diversity. Let me elaborate a bit If you have a decent vidcard like say a 5950Nvidia or a ATI9800 AGP or any mid to high end vidcard and you are looking to either upgrade your CPU or the system as a hole why is it necessary to sync hundreds of dollars all at once. Why not save some money let the Vid Card war work its wonders on the prices and still make a kick as system that will last longer then a few months. I guess what I am trying to say is for example I want a new system but only have like 250 bucks but I have a good vid card problem is it is AGP. Well ASRock made this board with you in mind. With the Dual vid port you can sink some money into a new 939 socket  AMD CPU and this very reasonably priced motherboard holding off on the video card till the price or time is right. Now ASRock's takes this concept to the next step by using a custom expansion slot that will allow for future technology changes to be integrated such as CPU's and so on. The fact that this is done with  relatively low cost is exceptional so as long as the performance is solid and stable I see this product going on our best buy list.

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