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CES Las Vegas 2005 Fatal1ty



pr101j (Paul)





   For those of you who don't know who Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel is, let me take a moment to tell you. Wendel is one of the best First person shooter game players in the world who has proven himself in many tournaments. Wendel started playing competitively at the young age of 13, and now at the age of 23 he has won the most national and internationally ranked tournaments in the world.  He is what I think of as the "gaming ambassador" or a person that shows the world what gaming is all about. It is not just bleeps on the screen but an actual lifestyle, just like any other sport. Wendel's natural ability allows him to compete in a multitude of different games and come out on top.  As stated in one of his interviews "it's all about numbers" and he has a knack for figuring out the right strategies to keep his game sharp.


  At CES this year, Johnathan and his sponsors ABIT Creative Labs & Zalman, came out to challenge anyone that thinks they have the skill to beat John at a limited time death match. If you win you get paid 5000.00 USD!  If you lose, you still walk away with some nice consolation prizes.  Most of the competitors seemed happy just to play against such a great player that they walked away smiling, even after getting pretty much destroyed. Also featured at this booth, the "Fatal1ty" team spent some time talking about very important PC related information like over clocking performance enhancement and of course, the products he endorses. The main reason for this booth in my mind was to let people know just what Fatal1ty is all about.  Wendel, with his new found fame, has put together a bunch of equipment and even played a role in the design to create the perfect FPS gaming system. This product is nicknamed "THE FATBOX™". This system is based off of ABIT's P4 PCI-e Prescott series mother boards, the AN8 & aa8, with some major improvements. They added dual LAN for added bandwidth, a RAM & north bridge cooling system that is just plain cool.  Even the layout of the board looks like it was meant to "scream." For sound, Johnathan decided to go with the industry leader in PC audio: yup, Creative Labs - utilizing their new Audigy2 line of products to make your gaming experience that much more enjoyable.  For overall case cooling, Zalman is used to keeping that P4 running optimal not matter what stress is put on it.  Oh, and to me the most important part of gaming, the video card.  The machines on stag where both equipped with X850 ATI monsters that performed beautifully for the crowd. Every detail was hand picked or designed by Wendel to create a superb gamer, he even had a special power supply and case to make sure the PC would be ok with the extra RAID setup.  I believe they also have a less expense line of Fatality products utilizing a stripped down version of the motherboard and a X700 ATI video card for the folks that don't have the big bucks to sink into one of his monster machines.


Well, enough about the rig, let's get back to the booth.  I stayed around for a bit and watched a few rounds of playing action with Johnathan.  During the time I was there, Wendel didn't even get fragged, not even once.  And the setup was awesome, two large flat screen LCD TV's were suspended over the competitors so everyone saw exactly what they did. The overall booth experience and quality products I had the pleasure of seeing at this booth were top notch. It was one of the highlights of my trip and I hope I can catch another one of these in the near future.















                         If you would like more information on the Fatal1ty product line or their next booth/contest check out Also I would like to thank Johnathan and the rest of the folks at the exhibit for a very enjoyable time.







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