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Honorable Mentions form the CES 2005 Expo



   At the show there were several thousands of booths and to be honest not enough time in the day to really take a close look at everything that I wanted. What we decided to do here is put up a few company's booths which I thought deserved some recognition for either new fields, new products, or for having an impressive booth. All of these booths were great and I wished there was more time in the day to go in depth on all of them, but I needed to focus on the new products and reviews for our site so here is a brief summary of the booths that we just don't have time to go in-depth on.



   SOYO had a very modest booth in the innovations section of the expo. SOYO is known for their motherboards and to be honest,  if you go back far enough, like the K6 era of motherboards, SOYO was the first I can remember to give the consumer over clocking capabilities in the BIO's. At the show, SOYO revealed their new division of products, moving away from the motherboards. It appears they are now focusing on the new VOIP phone systems and peripherals. SOYO has a complete line of VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) phones and hubs that make connecting to anyone in the world easy as long as you have a broadband connection. They also sell the services needed, not just the hardware. Plus, the rates seem competitive.

   SOYO had some of their new peripherals at the show as well. The USB driven 20 gig backup / external driver device, the BayONE internal USB drive, & their USB external Hub. The 20 gig drive "Cigar HD20 " is perfect for storing MP3's or backing up any information you have. The Cigar HD20  is small and easy to use like most USB devices. This product is a great addition to the SOYO line of products. The BayONE, as our readers know, is a product SOYO provided to our team a while back. We did a complete review on this product and as mentioned in this review,  this product is a great solution for anyone in need of a versatile media reader. Note that I was informed at the show that SOYO is now providing this in alternate colors to make it easier to match the consumer's case color. Take a look at our review of this product HERE. The last product I noticed was their 12 in one USB hub/media reader, this is a totally external device similar in capability to the BayONE with some extras like the USB hub capability. For a complete detailed listing of these devices check out SOYO's website HERE. I wish I could go into these products more, however, we need to move on and concentrate on new reviews and articles.  I would like to thank SOYO for all the information they provided us at the show and also via e-mail concerning this article.

   Creative Labs was also dispersed throughout the show in multiple areas, promoting their new line of MP3 solutions as a direct competitor to the iPOD. These little beauties are nice and compact with very similar features and looks like the iPOD with a few extra's like drive size, various colors and compatibility differences, not to mention they tried to promote it as a different way of using music. Their product, "ZEN", will be marketed heavily this year and I expect to hear and see a lot about the new player. I believe even Napster is being co promoted as the download or web engine ZEN will be supported on. Creative has always been known for their sound devices so this is a great fit to the Creative Labs line of products.

A new hand held gaming solution had the CES show a "buzz." The "Gizmondo" takes the portable world to the next step. This little device has a slightly higher price then your normal pocket gaming system but for good reason. This device provides much more then a few cool games. This device also has a built in digital camera using a regular flash reader memory card that also allows the user to not only take pictures, but in the future, play any PC based games as well, so you are not limited to a cartridge or buying add-ons. Also, the Gizmondo has built in GPS for any time you need to know exactly where you are on vacation or if you get lost driving out-of-town. Gizmondo has even taken the GPS capability and added some games like "COLOURS" that integrate the game with other people in the immediate area allowing you to battle internet style from anywhere.  I am not exactly sure how this works, but when they finally release these games it will be cool to see all of these features in one device. The showmanship that the folks at the CES expo provided was exceptional. They had everything you could think of to help promote and bring the crowds.  Extraordinary they had everything from "HOT" babes to celebrities, scratcher's and break dancing. This type of entertainment drew in mass numbers of people and when the exhibitions were done the game was easily available for all to try. I expect to hear a lot about this product in the near future and  can see this system taking portable gamming to the next level.

Gizmondo Home Page


   Axion, an electronics device manufacturer, was at the show as well with a very energetic booth that drew a lot of people due to their daily give aways of LCD and peripheral devices. This company has every type of LCD device a person could  need ranging from PC monitors to standard LCD TV's in a range of sizes and styles. I was very impressed with not only the amount of products they provide, but  also the clear resolutions the products had. Axion is not a distributor line but also the manufacturer making their products a little more affordable for the general public. Axion also has a line of MP3 and portable media devices that had extraordinary sound quality and a very easy to use compact design. They ranged from DVD players to toy like devices for playing your MP3's.  Not to mention the staff was very energetic making the booth a success.




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