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Letter from the editor our final Wrap-up

on the CES2005 Expo



migga (Michele)




   As Editor for Marns CDA, I just wanted to write a personal letter in regards to my experience and observations at the 2005 CES Convention. Being my first time, I have to admit that this convention was quite overwhelming. I could not get over how widespread this convention was! There was 1000’s of companies with various products from a variety of fields of the electronics market being featured.

   My main interests, however, are the peripherals field of products. There were various companies presenting their takes on mice, keyboards, audio devices, and more. What I noticed the most is the MP3 players. These devices seem to be the new “craze” and focus of the manufacturers and consumers currently. Several companies featured their own designs and construction of these type of products. There was even some companies, such as Creative Labs Zen Micro, featuring small, compact speakers with incredible sound, which can be connected to their MP3 players. The added touch of design and color creates a personal touch for the users of these products as well, to show off any consumer’s style preference. Besides Creative Labs Zen Micro, there were several other manufacturers and companies offering their own takes on the MP3 player.



    There were two other companies which I was quite impressed with as far as innovation  for peripherals: Kensington, with products from mice, trackballs, keyboards and more and Zboard, with their custom gaming keyboards.

    Kensington, a division of ACCO Brands, manufactures mice, trackballs, keyboards, laptop accessories and security devices, and more. Their products feature various functions, creating more convenience and performance for the customer, as well as style and ergonomic features. I had the pleasure of doing a review on one of their products. You can check this review out if you’d like, just click HERE.  I definitely recommend any consumer to take a look at Kensington’s web site to review their products in the market and their information.

    Zboard, a creator of keyboards which are custom made to interact with gaming functions and commands for various popular PC interactive games, definitely impressed me! These gaming boards seem like one innovative product for the gaming communities!

Some of their Limited Edition Keysets are designed for:

• World of Warcraft®

• Delta Force®: Black Hawk Down™

• DOOM 3™

• EverQuest®

• Neverwinter Nights

• Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault™

• Civilization® III

• EverQuest® II

• Age of Mytholodgy

• Empires: Dawn of the Modern World™

• Madden NFL™

• Medal of Honor: Allied Assault™

As quoted from Zboards website:

Designed for First/Third Person Shooter and Action games, the Gaming Keyset provides a better gaming experience, advanced layout and built-in technology advantages. It comes loaded with a selection of pre-defined key layouts for today’s hottest games.

Most commonly used shooter and action game commands are labeled right on the keys to help you start playing new games faster

Registers up to 7 simultaneous key-strokes, in comparison to 2-4 on most other keyboards! Jump, move forward, lean left, change weapon and shoot at the same time!!

Large “butterfly” keys are enlarged and sloped to help keep fingers comfortable through hours of gaming

Players can easily access more critical commands with the one hand control zone

Unique domed action keys give gamers the responsive feel that they demand

QWERTY (Standard) keys for chatting without interrupting the action

Choose pre-defined key layouts from the list of game titles supported by your Gaming Keyset or create your own key layouts for your favorite games using the Game Binding Utility. The list of available layouts is updated regularly to include the latest title releases.


As I am an online gamer personally, this product really struck me in awe. With its features and functions and versatility for custom key layouts/sets for various online interactive games, it definitely struck me as being one hell of an innovation for the PC gaming communities.


All in all, I was very impressed with all of the new technology being offered in the product market today. It seems to me that the companies are even more offering features which appease to the consumers “today.”  Performance, versatility, variety in functions, design are all factors which the companies are closely correlating their newer technologies to in order to provide the consumer’s demands and interests of today’s electronics world. I really have a new appreciation for all of the people involved in these companies which take part from the beginning of the design and innovations of these products, to the manufacturing, to placement on the shelf for market. It takes a skilled, creative, smart, individual in bringing these products to life for the consumer’s benefit, as well as their own.


Michele Schiavo – Editor, Marns CDA


Creative Labs Link:

Zboard Link:

Kensington Link





Marns CDA


migga (Michele)



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