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Albatron K8SLI ATX motherboard

Part One

 (Page 3 Performence)




     For this part of the review we used two benchmark utilities just to make sure that the base unit will produce decent number for the FPS gamers that cannot afford SLI at this point. We will be going into much more detail in the second part of the review when covering the SLI functionality later next month but for this portion we will be using a X800 PRO Bravo edition with 256meg of DDR3 RAM by PowerColor. We have used this product in many other reviews so you will be able to compare these results with results from  other reviews. And as always we will be using the 3200+ 939 AMD 64 Bit CPU along with a set of 2 x 512meg OCZ PC3500 Gold GX. This will be the first board benchmarked using our exclusive test bench so hopefully everything goes smoothly.

Unreal Tournament 2003

 CPU Bench
3D Rendering Resolution dm-antalus  Low FPS dm-antalus Average FPS dm-antalus High FPS
OpenGL 1024x768 30.964474 267.265503 743.145264
Direct 3D 1024x768 42.634480 165.007507 711.462646
OpenGL 1280x1024 30.945288 266.180389 767.756897
Direct 3D 1280x1024 44.864250 183.765869 850.365723
OpenGL 1600x1200 30.955343 266.183258 740.281189
Direct 3D 1600x1200 24.075569 165.067978 719.738586


Average FPS High Quality Mode
3D Rendering Resolution dm-antalus dm-asbestos ctf-citadel
OpenGL 1024x768 160.007797 229.601013 159.600494
Direct 3D 1024x768 191.976303 253.636795 154.723450
OpenGL 1280x1024 183.958405 252.739151 142.334763
Direct 3D 1280x1024 198.656281 262.517517 160.608826
OpenGL 1600x1200 183.881149 252.703323 159.200089
Direct 3D 1600x1200 222.373581 304.204102 187.002792


Average FPS Low Quality Mode

3D Rendering Resolution dm-antalus dm-asbestos ctf-citadel
OpenGL 1024x768 283.554749 307.702087 232.273392
Direct 3D 1024x768 324.489227 320.684723 293.466888
OpenGL 1280x1024 265.654114 261.945618 230.051849
Direct 3D 1280x1024 324.971252 320.878601 293.655273
OpenGL 1600x1200 265.925323 262.034485 230.125046
Direct 3D 1600x1200 325.146790 321.282593 294.163635

This test was run using the Direct3D & OpenGl Rendering Engine
This test was run using the demo version of Unreal Tournament 2003

This test was run using utility provided by [H]ard|OCP

     This first section we used Unreal 2003 demo with a utility designed by Hard OCP to test under three resolutions  with both Open GL and Direct 3D Rendering. In some situation we found that a higher resolution actually produced better scores. All in all the end results was very solid scores commutative with any PCI-e board manufacturer and this is without SLI just base PCI-e 16x technology. The results we posted where only the averages mind you not the highs and lows. We do have  more details results that will  be published at a later date but if you want any other info feel free to contact us HERE. However for the CPU test we did include detailed of High and Low Frames Per  Second (FPS) and bellow we will be comparing these scores with scores using the same PCI-e Card and CPU with an ABIT AN* "Fatal1ty" motherboard. You will  see that the numbers  are very similar making base performance more then standard. We will see in part 2 how much of an increase SLI will bring.

     As you can see the results show clearly the the K8SLI board has very similar scores using the Unreal demo test compared to a higher priced non SLI compatible motherboard. The AN8 board does perform slightly better but considering the price difference and that the real performance of the Albatron board will be unlocked with the SLI feature set making this a great buy performance wise. Remember this is base PCI-e functionality and in part two we will highlight the SLI benchmark results.


FutureMark Test Results


PCMark04 Test Results

General Information

Operating System Microsoft Windows XP
DirectX Version 9.0c
Mobo Manufacturer
Mobo Model
AGP Rates (Current/Available) 0x /
CPU AMD Athlon(tm) 64 2009 MHz
Physical CPUs 1
HyperThreading Not Available
FSB 201 MHz
Memory 1024 MB

Display Information

Graphics Chipset ATI RADEON X800
Driver Name RADEON X800 Series
Driver Version
Video Memory 256 MB
Core Clock 391 MHz
Memory Clock 351 MHz

Sound Information

Sound Adapter Driver Name
NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) Audio
Sound Adapter Driver Version

Hard Disk Information

Model WDC WD1600JB-00EVA0
Connection IDE
Capacity 149.05 GB

Benchmark Information

Program Version PCMark04 Revision 3 Build 0

PCMark04 Test Results

System Test Suite
3663 PCMarks
CPU Test Suite
Memory Test Suite

Detailed PCMark04 Test Results

System Test Suite

Multithreaded Test 1 / File Compression
2.6 MB/s
Multithreaded Test 1 / File Encryption
26.9 MB/s
Multithreaded Test 2 / File Decompression
22.0 MB/s
Multithreaded Test 2 / Image Processing
10.7 MPixels/s
Multithreaded Test 3 / Virus Scanning
1790.5 MB/s
Multithreaded Test 3 / Grammar Check
2.9 KB/s
File Decryption
54.0 MB/s
Audio Conversion
2284.1 KB/s
Web Page Rendering
4.4 Pages/s
WMV Video Compression
47.3 FPS
DivX Video Compression
60.2 FPS
Physics Calculation and 3D
173.7 FPS
Graphics Memory - 64 Lines
2127.6 FPS

CPU Test Suite

Multithreaded Test 1 / File Compression
2.6 MB/s
Multithreaded Test 1 / File Encryption
27.0 MB/s
Multithreaded Test 2 / File Decompression
22.0 MB/s
Multithreaded Test 2 / Image Processing
10.7 MPixels/s
Grammar Check
5.2 KB/s
File Decryption
62.2 MB/s
Audio Conversion
2652.8 KB/s
WMV Video Compression
40.8 FPS
DivX Video Compression
52.5 FPS

Memory Test Suite

Raw Block Read - 8 MB 5259.5 MB/s
Raw Block Read - 4 MB 5396.2 MB/s
Raw Block Read - 192 kB 8505.2 MB/s
Raw Block Read - 4 kB 22379.7 MB/s
Raw Block Write - 8 MB 3495.5 MB/s
Raw Block Write - 4 MB 3492.2 MB/s
Raw Block Write - 192 kB 5523.8 MB/s
Raw Block Write - 4 kB 17022.1 MB/s
Raw Block Copy - 8 MB 1466.7 MB/s
Raw Block Copy - 4 MB 1508.1 MB/s
Raw Block Copy - 192 kB 3658.4 MB/s
Raw Block Copy - 4 kB 9078.8 MB/s
Random Access - 8 MB 2399.0 MB/s
Random Access - 4 MB 2400.8 MB/s
Random Access - 192 kB 5299.1 MB/s
Random Access - 4 kB 11442.8 MB/s

The chart below shows the test results when comparing the K8SLI board to the AN8 using PCMark04 from Futuremark. The Albatron board does fall a little short compared to the Fatal1ty board but at almost 1/2 the price this is acceptable. Just keep this in mind when buying the product and comparing the results. This board is intended as a low cost solution for SLI not base PCI-e functionality. Not to mention that the AN8 board is there Ultra version or top of the line product design purely for performance not cost. In short even though the scores show a marginal score reduction when compared to the ABIT board it does very well especially for the price.





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