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Titan "ROBELA" Water cooled PC Case

Page 2 Installation & Appearance




     Installation is going to take a bit to get through considering the number of parts and features that must be discussed. Make note that we will be only covering the Socket 939 installation so for more details on other socket installations please reference the manual provided by Titan. Everything is covered very well and the photos are great.

     Let's begin with the standard parts like the motherboard. This installation is nothing new, the Robela can use any standard ATX board. Titan did, however, change a few things. The mounts or stand that the motherboard rests on in the case are a bit different well, at least a few are. Titan provides a push tab system requiring no screws just push the pin into the mount and this is all done. This idea is great, it was very easy to figure out. However, I can see a problem arising if you are not patient and try to muscle the mounts. Remember to take your time and read the documentation.  Titan also provides a door switch to prevent any unnecessary damage to the electrical components. This is a good idea when dealing with a water system. The switch makes sure you don’t accidentally turn on the PC and burn out any components while setting up. If you don’t like the switch, then you have the option to not hook it up, simple as that.

     Titan also makes this case virtually a tool less installation. All the drives and IO cards can just snap into place using either the mounts existing on the frame, like in the case of the IO cards, or the mounts are provided like in the case of the drives. The drives mounts come in two sizes for both the 3 ½ and the 5 ¼ drive installations. These mounts are snap and slide types as you can see in the photos below. And Titan makes sure you will have enough for as many drives as you decide to install in the case. The 3 ½ hard drive bay is rotated 90 degrees making the install even easier.


     The second part of installation is the water block and cooling units installation. Remember, read the documentation completely before attempting this install you never know when there is a step that needs to be done in sequence and it’s a good habit..

      The Robela uses a similar water block setup as the “Bianca” system which we took a look at a few weeks ago. Titan provides a CPU & GPU block to keep everything nice and cool; Note there is only one GPU block so for an SLI user you will be required to purchase an additional block and hosing. As you can see from the photos below it is pretty easy to install the hoses, just screw them on, there is  no need  for clamps or any of that other stuff. The blocks themselves fasten using a multitude of brackets provided for just about all chipsets and video cards.

CPU setup

GPU setup


Thermal Couple Installation

     Once the blocks and hoses are in place the reservoirs must be filled using the coolant provided. Titan provides a easy to read water level window on the side panel. Make sure to fill the unit properly before powering up the system. The pump and cooling system uses a 4 pin Molex connector located near the front lower section inside the case. This unit also controls the two 120mm fans and the LED readout. Titan also provides thermal couples to read the GPU and CPU temps to prevent unnecessary damage to the electronics. The total install time is anywhere from one to three hours depending on the experience of the installer. I feel even though this is a high-end case and system, it is a very easy install and even a novice shouldn’t have any trouble performing this task.



     One very important note to everyone purchasing this unit should be aware of is that not all power supply units are computable with this case. Make sure you use a right side warring harness and that the PSU isn’t to long so that the reservoirs itself will fit when closeing the door. This problem should probably be noted somewhere on the box or in the installation documentation and it is possible I missed this, but none the less it is very important when picking out the PSU you will use in the product.   

Update Very important!!!

     I was just informed by Titan that the PSU problem has been addressed and some changes have been made to allow for a 155mm PSU unit seeing 80% of the PSU on the market are between 150 and 155 this will work well. Thanks Titan for the update you just made this case even better..  

     I am sure that we missed a bunch of stuff about this case so the remainder of the photos will need to speak for themselves....




     The Robela really catches your eye when looking at it all set up. Everything from the front panel LED read out to the case handles is well thought out and makes the case definitely stand out from your stock cases. I really like the exterior radiator design on the side panel. This feature enables the onlooker to notice that the case is designed to cool your electronics.  Please also note that Titan provides this case in a few different styles to suit many consumers’ needs.


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Company Info

Manufacturer & Exporter
TITAN Computer CO., LTD.

(Taiwan Headquarters)
25F, No. 27-8, Sec. 2, Jungjeng E. Rd., Danshuei Jen, Taipei,Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-2-28081188 Fax: 886-2-28084567AA






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