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RockeTeer II SP-ATX-400W


     Spire has provided our staff with one of their new Power Supply Units the Rocketeer II. We are going to take a look at how this product’s performs, as well as what type of demographic this product will be best suited. In addition we will look at compatibility and ease of install. You might be under the assumption that all power supplies are the same if you are in that category let me open your eyes to how important a good PSU is. First and most important fact that you need to know is that a cheep power supplies can not only cause a system to perform slower it can also do irreversible damage. If your fan goes out and the PSU over heats this can cause power surges that could at the very least fry you motherboard. Also keep in mind a power supply essential is like a battery it takes AC current stores it and converts it to DC if you PSU is of lower quality you could have fluctuations of current or amps. As well as wattage variation. We will look at all of these aspects in our evaluation of the Spire Rocketeer. Hopefully this new line of PSU's will perform great and also be appealing to the eye.



Application: Intel ATX 2.01, ATX 12V Power Supply Design Guide Ver. 1.3
Voltage: 100~120 Vac / 200~240 Vac (Select Switch)
Frequency: 47Hz ~ 63Hz
Current: 10.7 / 6.2 Amps
Hold-up Time: 16 ms
Nom. Power: 400W
Max. Power: 420W
P.G. Signal: 100 ~ 500 ms
Voltage Protection: +12V trip point 13.4V - 15.6V | +5V trip point 5.74V - 7.0V | +3.3V trip point 3.76V - 4.3V
Cooling: One (1) 120mm crystal blue silent LED fan
Noise Level: 21.0 dBA Max.
Dimensions: 163mm (L) x 150mm (W) x 85mm (H)
Connectors: 20+24pin ATX (Motherboard) x1 | 4-pin 12V (Motherboard) x1 | Multi-use x6 | SATA x4
Cables: ATX adapter x 1 | 4-pin (3IDE) / (1 Floppy) x 2 | 4-pin (HDD/VGA) x1 | 4-pin (3 IDE Multi-use) x1 | 15-pin (2 SATA) x2
MTBF: 300.000 hours
Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty
Safety Approvals: UL, FCC, CE, CSA, TUV



  • Intel ATX 2.01 Specification Compliant
  • Supports Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon XP and Athlon 64
  • 3 Speed Variable Fan Speed Auto-Control
  • I/O Short Circuit & Overload Protection
  • Redundant Cooling System
  • SATA Power Connector
  • 3 Year Warranty

Product Link



Installation / Usage:

     Installation of a PSU is pretty standard but one great thing that should be mentioned is that the rocketeer has is the number of different type of installs. This product can be used  with the Dual 20 and 24-pin main power connector and the Dual 4 and 8-pin 12v ad on Pentium connector this will fit on all motherboards from the AMD and Intel 400 series sockets to the AMD and Intel 64bit dual core products. This PSU will work on any system we have here at Marns. The main test unit we are going to run the PSU on is a 20-pin plus 4pin 12v ASUS motherboard mostly because this is the 400watt model and the older 20-pin setup is more suited to this Watt PSU. The installation is a snap. Just unhook the extra 4 pins off each cable and plug them into the motherboard. Don’t force the 4-pin 12v connector when split it is not easy to tell the difference between the connectors but be assured only one of the two will fit into the terminal.


     I am not going to get into every facet of installation but rather show you the different type of connectors and how they fit. Here are some photos. As long as you have either a 20 or 24-pin motherboard and you have either a 4-pin or 8-pin 12volt ad this unit will physically work.





      For appearance  the Rocketeer II is very appealing with a oversized cooling fan with Blue LED and a shinny chrome finish. Spire also added a mice twist to the power cables making for a neater speaker look. Also on the Rocketeer at least for the main power is a Black Nylon sleeve for a little extra lair. All in all  the look is very pleasing to the eye not over bearing nor understated. Perfect for both window cases and standard cases alike.




     Performance will be measured using an Intel P4 chipset on a 20pin motherboard with the extra 4-pin 12v hookup. What our intention during this process is two fold one is to make sure there are no major issues with heat or voltage over a one month period second is to overload the PSU with allot of extra components and see how well the voltage remains at a constant. All readings will be taken using the motherboard monitor either in Windows or from the BIOS.   After running the Spire Rocketeer for over 30 days with on average six 12v devices and an extra case fan or two the numbers are pretty promising. They’re where no failures of any kind during the 30-day period and during the load evaluations the voltages stayed pretty stable. Bellow is a chart of the high’s low’s and the average voltages during the test cycles.

 Reading Low High Average
12 Volt 11.96V 12.11V 11.99V
Vcore 1.6 V 1.54V 1.60V 1.59V
+3.3 Volts 3.26V 3.48V 3.35V
+5 Volts 5.05V 5.20V 5.05V

Please note  this is a single PSU tested so results may vary

 but as you can see the results show some fluctuation but over all  very stable voltages.

     On a side note or test our new handy dandy CaseBuy PSU tester shows power to be A OK for all hook up type take a look at our photos bellow. We used every type of connection imaginable with the tester and surprisingly the results where very consistent. All the 12v connectors where a steady 11.9 no mater what motherboard setup was used. And all the 3.5v where a stead 3.4. The only questionable number from our results was the 5v that fluctuated a bit between 5.1 and 5.2 but still well within most PC tolerances.

     To add to the test I decided to draw more power from hooking up other devices while using the tester so what we did was plug in 4 drives either SATA or 4-pin Molex 12v and then ran the same set of connections. Yet again Spire surprised us by remaining consistent. While this test is not anywhere near as detailed as our standard PC test the results do show a nice trend of stability with regards to voltage.





     Quality for Power Supply Units is measure several ways. The most important is length of time the unit can run without fail this is something we can not reasonably measure with the time given for our evaluation so what we decided to do is use our performance stress test and as long as that looks ok we will give it the green light.

     On the flip side of quality you have overall construction including the extras and how well the product appears. The Spire in general fulfils any expectations from our staff all component seem solid and the packaging is well though out preventing any unfortunate damage by the post master. The only design issue I could question is the single fan design rather then putting in the standard 80mm rear exhaust along with the larger internal fan Spire only uses the single fan. This could have been done for a few reason either space or unneeded resource in an case for the user that has there case closed up in a desk with very little air flow this could be an issue.    


Over View (Pros & Cons):



     The Spire Rocketeer is definitely one of the most versatile PSU on the market. With easy installation and compatible with virtually every retail based motherboard, the 400watt Rocketeer is an easy solution for any consumer needing a Power Supply. A word of warning however makes sure you get the right wattage for what you are using. This 400watt version is not meant for elaborate light displays or for load heave PC’s get one of the larger versions in that situation.




    The Spire Rocketeer II 400watt is a well rounded PSU. If you are either in need of a new PSU to replace an existing supply that has died or if you are building a new PC and want something that is upgradeable for future motherboards yet compatible with existing Motherboards then Spire has made a great product for you.  This particular unit might be a little low wattage for everyone’s needs especially if you use allot of extra components and want maximum power while gamming but the Rocketeer is a solid product that will not let the consumer down. We are happy to award Spire with our Blue Ribbon Seal of approval for a product that more then satisfies the consumers needs and exceeds our expectation.

Congratulations Spire great Product.


Rating: 5 out of 6 Stars

Review Date: 09/31/06

Reviewer: pr101j (Paul)



Company Info

Spire Contact Info


Corporate office USA-CA
19224 E. Walnut Dr. North Suite B
City of Industry, 91748
California, USA
Tel.: +1-626-839-1170
Fax: +1-626-839-1177
Corporate office China
Cai wu wei Developing Building
South Bao an District ,Luohu Area
Shen Zhen, China
Tel.: +86-755-82127447
Fax: +86-755-82124814

Factory China
Shen Zhen, China
Tel.: +86-755-28152129
Fax: +86-755-28130528




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