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's UV Mod Kit





  Cable Crazy was Nice enough to give us a full mod kit to review.   It's your basic starter mod kit including everything a person needs to spice up your case.  This kit contains Two 12 inch UV Cold Cathode Lights, Two UV reactive 80mm case fans with UV led's , a UV green floppy cable and a UV green IDE cable


MOD Pack!

This package includes the following items:

- Dual Cold Cathode Kit - UV
- 2 UV Sensitive Quad LED Green 80mm Fans
- 1 - 12 in Single Floppy - UV Green
- 1 - 24 in Dual Device ATA 66/100/133 - UV Green

- Dual Cold Cathode Kit - UV

  • Dimensions: 300mm x 4mm
  • Tube Voltage: 620V .74 Amps (8.88 watts)
  • Avg Brightness: 29000 cd/m2
  • Yes, these are bright
  • Average life: 30,000 hrs
  • Dual transformers IS sealed

- 2 UV Sensitive Quad LED Green 80mm Fans

  • Input voltage:12v
  • Fan Dimension: 80 x 80 x 25mm
  • Current Draw: 0.13A
  • ENT Power consumption: 1.6WATTS R
  • Air Flow: 32.5CFM
  • Rotation Speed: 2500RPM
  • Noise Level: 28dB(A)

- 1 - 12 in Single Floppy - UV Green

  • UV Green Color
  • Reduces clutter inside the case which adds more airflow!
  • All cables are 100% tested and compliant to all current standards.
  • Rounded cables help with the ergonomics of your case.

- 1 - 24 in Dual Device ATA 66/100/133 - UV Green

  • dual device.
  • UV Green Color
  • Reduces clutter inside the case which adds more airflow!
  • All cables are 100% tested and compliant to all current standards.
  • Rounded cables help with the ergonomics of your case.



  The price for this kit is $21.95 and to be honest I have seen similar kits with less items retailing over $39.99 at local chains like CompUSA.  So I would say this is a great price.

Here is a link to purchase the Kit




Lets start with the fans....

  As you can see below nothing unique about these fans the installation is pretty standard. The fans went in a P4 Tiger direct case so there was already an intake and exhaust fan.  All I did was replace them.

  The fan installation took less then 15 min with removing the old fans.  The fan hook up uses a 4 pin 12 volt standard Molex connector.. Not to bad the color looks nice.

  Next is the UV cold cathode light kit.  It comes with a rear mounted IO card switch and hooks up to your 12 volt  Molex connector. Pretty standard install.

  The light kit also comes with Velcro adhesive backed strips so you can place the UV lights anywhere needed.

  Last parts to install are the UV green IDE & floppy cables.  Both the IDE and floppy cables are clearly marked so its pretty easy to make sure you install them correctly.

  Man I hate them grey standard cables!!!


  When all done the cables look pretty good.  Only thing left would be to sleeve or hide toughs PSU wires.  Hmm maybe next review.. 


  As you can see from the pictures the kit does wonders for the look and appeal of this case..  The UV lights show off the green cables well. Also the extra lighting from the Fans helps complete the look.



  Well seeing this kit is made up of a few manufacturers parts, and all of them are well known its a pretty nice quality kit.  The fan are bearing so they will hold up for quit a few hrs. of use, and the cables outer coating is nice and thick unlike allot of the 3 and 5 dollar specials floating around.  The UV light kit is made by XG whom we happened to highlight individually from another sponsor just a few days ago.  It did well so all in all the quality is exactly what a modder needs from a kit like this.



  Well the lights are very bright and the fan seems to run well and quite.  Unfortunately these are case fans with 4 pin Molex connectors so I couldn't get the RPM's but the seem to push allot of air.


  The biggest Pro is the Price.  This kit will spice up any modders look under $25.00 and that says allot considering some light kits coast that much on there own.

  Also the high quality cables are a good find for this price range.  The outer coating was well made.

  The UV led's on the fans add  that little extra something you don't get with standard UV reactive fans.


  The fan doesn't have alternate 3 pin mother board connectors so you can't control, or rate the speed.


  This kit by is one good deal with all the basics any modder would need from the beginner to the advanced.  There are a few little things that could be improved upon but for the price you can't beat it... 

I mean come on you can go from this...

To this for under $25.00 .... you make the call....

Marns CDA is going to give this mod a 5 & 1/2 Star out of 6 .  Awarding Crazy Cables UV mod kit the coveted Marns CDA Blue ribbon Seal of approval....


Rating 5 & 1/2 Star out of 6  

Review Date 10/29/04

Reviewed By Paul (pr101j)


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Marns CDA


Paul (pr101j)



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