Custom Grill





This is the Before and after shot I think it turned out very well. Using a Custom designed Acrylic Rill Made by Pololu They did an awesome Job there and very reasonable pricing. anywhere from 4 to 8 dollars a grill pending materials and cuts of course.


A Better look at the grill ordered



First step was cutting out the old emblem in the center of my original grill cover. Using a heave pair of metal snips it was very easy. best thing to is mount the grill on something to make it easier to work with specially for the grinding steps.



Using a grinding tool I got the Craftsman 49.99 special grind down any access metal to a good job the smoother the better. This might take a few bits took me 3 I believe.



Next is the finish using a polishing kit go around the grill thoroughly making sure no access metal or scratches from grinding are left. Again this took 3 abrasive polishing heads so be for warned.



Next is fine polishing for texture. basically your looking to make it shine.


Only thing left is mounting. Using a longer screw and rubber washers as spacers It should turn out ok and leave a space between the metal ring and the acrylic grill.




And a special Thanks to Jan from Pololu he helped me out tunes to get this grill correct.


And there you have it for tips on cutting holes please check out any of these links