PSU UV Cover & Fan


This Mod is being done to an Antec 400SL and it is already sleeved with UV reactive Blue sleeving and Red Heat Shrink, Along with UV ConnectRight Molex & Terminals connectors.

Above is the UV Cover from and 2 fans one Antec 92mm Case Fan a 80mm Tri LED Fan.



Step one is to take off original cover to PSU note that with many PSU units this voids the warranty so you are doing this mod at your own risk..



Next remove the fans from the case and unhook the fan from the terminal .



Cut the wires from the terminal and from 80mm fan.



Strip the wires and place the heat shrink tubing on one side of the spliced wire.

Twist the wires together and with a soldering iron fuse the 2 wires together.

Slide the heat shrink over the exposed wire and using a heat gun or a lighter  apply heat to the heat shrink.


Place the terminals back after fusing all the wires on both the 80mm and 92mm fans



Place the grills and the fans back in the PSU covers and fasten tightly

As you can see I am using gaskets and longer screws on the Acrylic UV cover this is to reduce noise and scratching on the acrylic itself.



Apply the 2 sided tape and zip up lose wiring from the fans.



And there it is all done.